Balsan Desert 910

The self-supporting Desert tile in brown tones


Discover the Desert print from the Infini Colors collection, to respond to the most demanding creative needs. It is available in 6 colors in stock and in 33 on request (from 600 m²). Inspired by the immense stretches of sand where nature regains its rights, the Desert tile is made of 100% regenerated polyamide yarn, so it is respectful with the environment. This structured curly velvet tile is ideal for workspaces seeking personalization and aesthetics. Desert is also offered with the Sonic Confort acoustic underlay, to respond to the problem of the omnipresent noise nuisance in offices, which are increasingly organized in open spaces. Combine design, silence and comfort to get closer to the best that wild nature has to offer.

Technical specifications

Lenght 50 CM, 100 CM
Width 50 CM, 25 CM
composition Polyamide
finish Curly fiber
total weight 4365 g/m2
total hight 6,8 mm
Base bback
Installation system Loose Lay
Color/Tone Light
Usage level Residence, industrial, events

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