Balsan Shades 930

the self-supporting Shades carpet tile in light gray tones


At the confluence of light and shadow, Shades was born, a carpet tile that is based on a subtle interplay of materials that emits sparkles. The irregular lines that make up this product offer a soft alchemy of matt and shiny effects that give the floor a structure with character.

This textured effect tile is a 840g carpet. With a 100% polyamide composition that gives it high resistance, Shades is a highly appreciated product in the office sector. Generally, this tile is supplied with a bitumen backing, but it can also be available with a Sonic Confort acoustic backing upon request.

Technical specifications

Lenght 50 CM
Width 50 CM
composition Polyamide
finish Curly fiber and stamped
total weight 4435 g/m2
total hight 7 mm
Base bback
Installation system Loose Lay
Color/Tone Light
Usage level Residence, industrial, events

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