KP Spart La Pedragrossa 358

Kp Spart model La Pedragrossa 358


The KP custom-made “SPART” rugs collection, as its name suggests, is reminiscent of traditional esparto rugs that never go out of style. The braiding of these rugs is very similar to these. The biggest difference is found in the fiber from which they are made.

SPART is 100% Olefin. This fiber is:

-Suitable for outdoors: These rugs are resistant to UV rays and water as well as the appearance of mold and fungus.

-Resistant to stains and Easy to clean.

-SPART is also Reversible

Due to its craftsmanship, when sewing the strips together. SPART can show certain irregularities in the tones and shapes inherent in this unique piece, which provides a natural look characteristic of your personality.

Since SPART is made by joining the braided strips, our custom carpet may have certain variations with respect to the desired size since we depend on the width of the braiding and its stitching (17 / 18mm)

Technical specifications

Lenght Tailored
Width Tailored
composition Olefine
finish Stretched
total weight 2300 g/m2
total hight 9 MM
Base no
Installation system Surface
Color/Tone Light, Medium
Usage level Intense residential
Brand KP