Quick Step Impressive IM1847 Classic oak beige

Imitation oak wood color with classic beige tones.


Impressive Quick-Step laminate flooring is a collection of medium-sized floors that have an exceptional natural look and feel. It is a collection of high quality and technology capable of perfectly imitating natural wood. The exceptionality of this laminate floor lies in the unique way it presents itself as wood, with an incomparable touch and texture.

Thanks to their unique HydroSeal water repellent coating, Quick Step Impressive laminate floors are not only beautiful floors, they are also the most water resistant Quick Step laminate flooring available today.

In addition, this collection of Quick Step Impressive laminates consists of four layers that give it a perfect resistance and design for exclusive protection and resistance; thus guaranteeing a perfectly level and stable panel.

Technical specifications

Lenght 1380 mm
Width 190 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Usage level AC4
Color/Tone medium
Installation system floating click
Waterproof yes
room Entrance, corridor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathromm, stairs.
Brand quick step
other 4-sided beveled

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