Artificial Grass Oryzon Summer Mb

Its fibers are short and curly, they point in all different directions.



Summer is a great value artificial grass, as its high density fibers will cover any surface in lush green very well.

Its fibers are short and curly, pointing in all different directions and making it look great from all viewing angles.

Also, its great looks will last for a long time as it can withstand quite heavy foot traffic as well.

In this case, Summer comes with a fire retardant (Cfl) backing to adapt to those places where safety is necessary.

Technical specifications

Lenght 20 y 26 ml
Width 2m y 4m
manufacturing cut pile
total weight 1350 gr/m2
total hight 7 mm
Base polyurethane
Usage level low
Color/Tone bitone
Brand Oryzon