Artificial Grass Sumigran Everest

EVEREST artificial grass: a lawn at the top


This outstanding product by SUMIGRAN is the result of years of hard work and toil, continuous innovation, gradual improvements and consistent enhancement carried out with extreme care and attention to detail over the course of several years. It is a prime example of our non-conformist spirit and relentless quest for excellence and top quality. At SUMIGRAN we simply do not believe in half-measures. We have an all or nothing attitude to quality. Therefore, we are extremely proud to say that Everest truly represents the state-of-the-art of artificial grass products anywhere in the world. It is of unparalleled quality in the industry. That is why it is producing great results for our clients not only in our home market, Spain, but also in markets like the UK, France and Germany and as far afield as Poland, Germany and Tunisia

Our repeat clients are loyal to this product because they are fully aware that is a true classic in the Spanish market. In fact it is the benchmark in the industry here and is so good that it has even been the target of countless fraudulent attempts to copy it. However, imitations by competitors simply do not live up to its standards and imitators find it impossible to match the quality of our special manufacturing process

First-class quality and consistent, sophisticated development have always been the hallmarks of every version of SUMIGRAN’s EVEREST artificial grass ever since its creation

The latest innovation we have adopted is the use of highly advanced “oval-shaped micro monofilament” yarns, which have a maximum density of 25,200 stitches/m2. Add this to a yarn height of 35 mm and with a Dtex of 8200 unique to this yarn and you have a final product of 1,653 gr/m2. It is hard to beat that! In short, it is a high-end product compared to the market average, and is currently one of our best-selling models thanks to its extraordinary value for money

EVEREST is synonymous with maximum softness, density, realism and comfort at an extraordinarily competitive price

This flagship product has an Efl fire resistance rating in according with EN 13501-1

In a nutshell, EVEREST artificial grass is a highly versatile solution and it is suitable for practically any of the following uses: landscape projects, public works, housing developments, private gardens for individual and/or community use, exterior decoration of buildings, apartment blocks, residential and commercial dwellings, condominiums, offices, leisure and shopping centres, convention centres etc…

Artificial grass at its peak

Technical specifications

Lenght 20m
Width 2m y 4m
manufacturing cut pile
total weight 2010 gr/m2
total hight 35 MM
Base Polypropylene Y LATEX
Usage level hight
Color/Tone bitone

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