Artificial Grass Sumigran Natura

NATURA artificial grass: beauty and comfort


The artificial turf NATURA offers the customer the most natural and comfortable visual and tactile sensation at the best price in the market

Using an extremely soft yarn with a matte treatment and setting height of 50 mm and the maximum density allowed by this fiber ( up to 19,950 stitches / m2 ), we obtain a tremendously comfortable, springy product while maintaining an extraordinary softness

The color used in its fibers uses the latest developments in dyes, achieving the most natural appearance with a similar tone to the Mediterranean artificial turf

The artificial turf NATURA contains almost 2,400 gr / m2 in its construction, which means that we are talking about the model with the best fiber / price weight ratio that can be found in the market today

The NATURA grass also has a related fire resistance test with Efl rating

An optimal product for private gardens, where the user needs the greatest comfort while putting it to use and when stepping on it, offering an extraordinarily attractive and realistic aesthetic

Technical specifications

Lenght 20m
Width 2m y 4m
manufacturing cut pile
total weight 2478 gr/m2
total hight 50 MM
Base Polypropylene Y LATEX
Usage level hight
Color/Tone bitone

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