Vinyl Floors in Malaga

Vinyl Floors

Vynyl floors offer a very versatile solution that adapts to almost any space. Rooms, halls, bath rooms, kitchens, areas with humidity, etc. There are a lot of designs available and can be installed over any surface.

In this section you will find most Vinyl Floors we sell. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking or a different option.

Depending on their characteristics or installation type, vinyl floors can be categorized in different groups. Click on any of the following categories to see all the vinyl floors available.

Vinyl Floor Types:

Vinyl flooring is mainly made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) but each manufacturer adds some extra material that gives it more specific characteristics of hardness, water resistance, conductivity, anti-slip, etc.

Vinyl flooring is divided into 2 large families according to its manufacture:

  • Homogeneous vinyl floors, which are composed of a single layer of the same material throughout its thickness.
  • Heterogeneous floors, which are usually made up of 3 layers mainly. The first one gives hardness and resistance to friction and wear, a second layer with the design and colour, and a third one that is the core, which can vary depending on each brand. Optionally, a second layer of protection against UV radiation can be added at the beginning and a stabilizing layer at the base.

Vinyl floors can be found in various sizes and installation formats. We can find them in tiles, slats or rolls, and depending on the installation we have the option of glueing them with a special glue, in a floating system with click, or with a system that comes from the factory of self-adhesive.

Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring

The most obvious advantages of vinyl floorings are its great resistance to wear and abrasion, the easy installation, easy cleaning and maintenance, its long life, the fact that it does not move or expand with changes in temperature, they are usually antibacterial, have antistatic properties, they are completely resistant to humidity, and there is an endless variety of models and designs.

On the other hand, some disadvantages are: sunlight affects their design over time, they cannot always be used on heated floors, they do not withstand large weights such as furniture and appliances that can leave marks, and that they are not resistant to objects that reach high temperatures. Therefore, it is not suitable for exteriors and heavy industry.

Cleaning and maintenance of vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are usually cleaned with a broom or mop and mop. Steam cleaning is not recommended.

Although maintenance is simple, a disadvantage is that vinyl floors cannot be repaired.