Rubber flooring in Malaga

Non-slip and shock absorbing

Rubber Flooring

Rubber roll in Málaga, in different colors and brands.

Rubber flooring in roll or other formats have several applications that go from anti-slip coating for industrial use, ramps, lifters, etc. to protecting floors for sport activities.

The rubber flooring for interiors is manufactured with high quality natural and industrial products, mixed with minerals, authorized pigments that are finally pressed and vulcanized.

No PVC, phthalate plasticizers or halogens are used, it does not emit harmful gases and it is a highly ecological product. It comes fully finished on the surface with different finishes, either for buffer zones, non-slip, etc.

It is recommended for intensive use in gyms, martial arts rooms, bodybuilding, fitness, hallways, ramps, etc.

Rubber flooring in roll and other formats

Rubber floors usually come in different formats: rolls, tiles, and slats, although roll rubber flooring is perhaps somewhat more common.

Characteristics and maintenance of rubber flooring

They have a high acoustic absorption of footfall noise (6-8 dB) and great resistance to slipping. They also provide great cushioning and shock absorption capacity. And at the security level, they provide great fire-retardant capacity.

Its maintenance and cleaning is easy since they do not need any special treatment or tools. They can be scrubbed with water as they are waterproof.