Elegance and resistance for your wall

Vinyl Wallcovering

Vinyl wallcovering, is easy to install and keep. It is an ideal solution for places that require a special protection against dirt and chemical products. Multiple designs available, with different colors and feel.

Vinyl wallcovering in Málaga

If you need a vinyl wallcovering in Malaga, at Pedrosa we offer you a wide range of models and brands.

There are several structures to create a quality vinyl wallcovering but in general, it can be said that they are composed of different mixed materials such as wood pulp, cotton, linen, polyester, vinyl, viscose, wool and silk.

Advantages of vinyl wallcovering

Among its main virtues are its resistance to fire and easy cleaning since they accept washing. They are easy to install and are also usually antibacterial, aseptic and disinfectable, and there is a huge variety of models, colours and textures.

Where is vinyl wallcovering used?

The sectors where they are most requested are Offices, Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Homes.

Vinyl wallcovering maintenance

They are very easy to clean, you can use a wet cloth that does not release fibres and if the stain is difficult, you can use products that the manufacturer recommends for each case.