Specific and technical coating

Healthcare solutions

When covering walls in wet rooms or surgery rooms is needed, there are several technical solutions that are suitable and comply with the legislation. These products are usually sold as a roll and require a professional to install them to achieve optimal results that can guarantee their perfect performance. In Pedrosa we are specialist in all types of wall covering, feel free to contact us!

Sanitary coating in Malaga

A sanitary coating is a very specific type of vinyl coating for environments that need special protection such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools or nurseries, where easy cleaning and disinfection is needed, together with antibacterial and antifungal characteristics.

They usually have a treatment with special protection that provides high resistance to stains, scratches and chemicals, and the uniform and waterproof surface provide excellent hygiene and anti-humidity properties.

Sanitary coverings are usually made up of a single homogeneous layer of vinyl of different thickness that is installed glued directly to the wall and is presented in a roll format of 2 to 4 meters wide. The brands we work with guarantee fire resistance (Bs2, d0) and an ISO 4 certification for clean rooms that meet strict sanitary requirements.