In our shop in Málaga you will find a wide offering of wood flooring, laminated floors, wallpapers, vinyl floors, rugs, composite decking, covings, panels and Skirting Boards, among many other products.

What do we do?


We have a team of professional installers with extensive experience in installation and installation solutions, allowing us to offer you the maximum guarantees on the work carried out.

Aware of the speed with which new products appear on the market, we at Pedrosa take continuous training to be up to date at all times.


We have our own warehouse and vehicles, as well as products in stock. This allows us to offer you a wide range of products and services. Our own management system helps us to autonomously manage each project for each client.


At Parquets Pedrosa we have a consolidated experience that allows us to carry out all kinds of repairs and maintenance of both indoor and outdoor flooring. Parquet repairs, sanding and varnishing of wooden floors, tinting of pallets, stabbing, replacement of damaged parts, etc.

For outdoors, we also offer outdoor deck repairs as well as sanding and oiling.


We know how important it is to deliver a project complying with quality standards and deadline commitments, that is why at Parquets Pedrosa we accompany you at every moment of the process, making this possible, providing solutions that adapt to your needs.

In our team you will find professional architects and technicians available to help you get the most out of your projects and minimize unforeseen events. We adapt to the real needs of the market that represent a commitment and a challenge for our team of professionals with the aim of offering more value to our clients every day.