Warmth and style for your home


Nothing better than natural wood to create a warm and stylish space.

If you are looking for parquet in Malaga, choose a type of parquet from the list above and add it to the budget list. Fill in your details and we will send you a quotation with the price of the parquet and the installation.

Parquet in Malaga

Parquet is the most traditional and classic wooden flooring. These are solid wood pieces of different sizes and thicknesses that are placed on the ground directly glued and making some kind of geometric composition. The best-known models are lady or checkerboard parquet, herringbone, hungary point and free joint (pattern-less).

Parquet combines the warmth of wood, stability, design and its long life.

Parquet maintenance

Parquet can be sanded and varnished multiple times since it is usually at least 1cm thick.

Its cleaning and maintenance is similar to any wooden floor. You can use a soft mop or vacuum and mop very wrung out. The parquet floor also admits the use of specific products that give it shine or a more intense cleaning.