Recycled and cushioned flooring

SBR Rubbers

SBR Rubbers are optimal for those places where you need safety and confort in the outsides. It is non-slip and permeable, which makes them ideal for playgrounds, parks, etc.

SBR Rubber in Málaga

SBR Rubber is a widely known exterior flooring, used in common areas.

Our province is no different, so you can see SBR rubber in Malaga in different places such as playgrounds, play areas, etc.

SBR rubber flooring production

SBR exterior rubber flooring is obtained after recycling automotive tires with the incorporation of dyes for the final result. They are presented in tiles of different sizes and thicknesses and also as continuous flooring.

Some common applications for this type of flooring are schools, municipal playgrounds, nurseries, senior residences, gyms, horseboxes, shooting galleries, etc.