Quality and variety

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring is the most economic way to enjoy natural wood at home, with all its benefits like warmth, elegance and beauty, being easy to install over any even surface.

Wood Flooring is made of different layers and noble woods, which gives it versatility, durability, and a lot of different design possibilities.

Wood Flooring in Malaga

Wood Flooring in Malaga and in much of the national territory has become a standard for homes and businesses. It is available in various sizes, finishes and shades. It is a multi-layer flooring.

Wood Flooring installation

Wood flooring is fully finished and ready to install from the factory and does not require post-installation treatment.

The most common installation method is floating installation, although it can be glued as well.

It is not necessary to empty the house and move the furniture a lot in order to install it, so it does not have the disadvantage of wood or solid flooring, which has a somewhat slower and tedious installation.