Artificial Grass Sumigran Picasso

Picasso artificial grass is the best artificial grass for private and especially community gardens, a unique product, an incomparable grass


Inspiration, dedication, hard work, creativity, and rigour are the driving forces behind PICASSO artificial grass

The PICASSO model has always been a key reference in the market, and it is considered one of the best and most advanced models available anywhere

It is made with the latest yarn, which is composed of “concave U-shaped micro monofilaments” ( which help to reduce heat absorption ). It is extruded by using high quality polymers which have undergone matte treatment, and also by using UV resistant additives and the most advanced chromatics currently available

It is manufactured with a pile height of 40 mm and has a density of 27,300 stitches / m2. Along with the extraordinary yarn used in its production, these characteristics result in a very soft grass and it gives the feeling of being padded when it is stepped on ( it has more than 2,300 gr / m2 ). In addition to this, its recovery capacity after being walked on is simply outstanding and it is amazingly resistant, while still being spongy and very pleasant to walk on

Not only does it have top quality yarn, but the product also has a top quality backing, which was specially created using materials which give the best dimensional stability available

PICASSO artificial grass has an 8-year guarantee for UV resistance ( applicable in areas of 200 w / m2. See warranty section for further details ), and has the “Efl” fire certification in accordance with the EN 13501-1 standard

How many models are there on the market that can offer both the quality and quantity of yarn with the same level of excellence as our PICASSO model ? Not very many we guess

“We do the impossible, because anyone can do what is possible” ( Pablo R. Picasso )

Technical specifications

Lenght 20m
Width 2m y 4m
manufacturing cut pile
total weight 2260 gr/m2
total hight 40 MM
Base Polypropylene Y LATEX
Usage level hight
Color/Tone bitone

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